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Installation and debugging of welding roller frame


The manufacturer of the welding positioner introduces that the installation and commissioning of the equipment is the premise to ensure the good performance and reliability of the equipment. The equipment requires a concrete foundation with a concrete layer of not less than 200mm.

(1) before the installation of the equipment, the foundation of the equipment must be done well to ensure the normal maintenance period of the concrete and the installation position of the equipment on the same horizontal line.

(2) during the installation of the equipment, the installation and fixation of the equipment shall be carried out according to the installation requirements of the general equipment, and the expansion bolt can be used for fixation (or the pressing plate is used for fixation). During the installation, two groups of rollers must be placed in parallel, the center of which shall be the same, and the integrity of each part of the equipment shall be ensured.

(3) after the equipment is installed, check whether all parts of the equipment meet the assembly requirements, ensure the normal electrical wiring of all parts, check and clean the periphery of the equipment, and ensure that there are no obstacles affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

(4) initial operation: there shall be no abnormal noise and vibration when starting the operation. If there is any problem, it is necessary to remove the fault, lift the workpiece on the roller frame for one week of trial operation, and observe whether the workpiece is close to the roller, and whether there is large axial movement. Otherwise, the position of the roller frame shall be adjusted.

Operation and use of welding roller frame

Power on operation can only be carried out after the equipment is installed normally.

1. When the equipment is started and operated, there shall be no abnormal noise and vibration. If there is any, the fault must be eliminated first. When the workpiece is hoisted on the roller frame, first observe whether the workpiece position is appropriate. Is the workpiece close to the roller? Is there any foreign matter on the workpiece that hinders the rotation? When everything is normal, it can be put into operation.

2. Before starting the motor, carefully check the wiring once. After confirming that the wiring is correct, close the power switch, start the motor, check that the rotation direction is consistent with the required direction, turn on the speed regulating switch, and adjust the speed regulating knob from small to large to the required speed. The remote control box led out from the control box is used for remote operation of roller frame to realize forward rotation, reverse rotation, stop, etc. of roller.

Note: when changing the rotation direction of the workpiece, it is necessary to press the reverse button after the motor stops completely, otherwise, it is easy to burn the motor or other components. After the work, turn the speed control knob to small, turn off the speed control switch and turn off the power switch.




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