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Simple analysis of the ending mode of welding operator


Simple analysis of the ending mode of welding operator

When welding low-carbon steel weldments, the welding operator shall pay attention to filling the crater and then lead the arc to the basic metal next to the weld for finishing or welding the welding wire 20-30mm in the clockwise position for finishing; when welding medium-carbon steel weldments that are easy to be quenched, the arc shall not be led to the basic metal for finishing at the end of welding to avoid cracks due to hardening, which is a continuation of the above. The arc method fills the crater and then breaks the arc.

When the welding operation machine is working to the end point, the arc shall be shortened and the welding speed shall be accelerated. At the same time, the swing range shall be narrowed. After the end point is reached, the CNC automatic welding operation machine must stop moving forward, shorten the arc and extinguish the arc, make the weld pool slightly condensed, and then start the arc welding wire. After the weld pool is filled, lift the welding wire quickly. Guns.

If the finishing operation of the welding operator is not done properly, it should be noted that there must be a deep crater on the weld surface, and the stress increases, causing cracks at the finishing part. In addition, if the arc is pulled out too early at the end, the liquid metal will solidify quickly, and the gas will not escape, which will cause porosity in the weld. With regard to the difference of weldment material or weldment size, the closing method of this operator at the end of welding is also different.

In order to ensure the quality of welding equipment, it is necessary to recognize and master the flow of these two liquids and their properties. If the liquid with high fluidity and improper welding operation, the liquid will inevitably enter into the gap of the molten pool, resulting in slag inclusion and affecting continuous welding. When welding the equipment of the welding operator with small current, the arc can not blow the molten liquid to the rear of the weld, but revolves around the arc column.

When welding small parts, in order to reduce the angular size of the welding parts, special attention should be paid to filling the weld pool, otherwise stress concentration and cracks will be easily generated at the end. And in terms of technical personnel, when designing an automatic production line, there must be a group of strong, meticulous and refined technical personnel.




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