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Determination steps of technical parameters of combined welding roller frame


Determination steps of technical parameters of combined welding roller frame

From the perspective of structural form, the welding roller frame can be divided into two types: long axis roller frame and combined roller frame. What we want to teach you is the design of this combined welding roller frame. Because each part of it is independent, we should consider it as much as possible in the design process to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

Before that, we need to understand the definition of welding roller frame, which is a kind of displacement machine driven by the friction force between the driving roller and the weldment to drive the welding rotation, usually used for the assembly and welding of the tubular weldment. As far as the combined welding roller frame is concerned, its active roller frame, driven roller frame and hybrid roller frame are all independent, and can be combined arbitrarily according to the weight and length of the weldment.

Because of this, although the combined welding roller frame is more convenient and flexible to use, it has a strong adaptability to weldments, but its design requirements are also very strict. In order to make the adjustment of the distance between the rollers of the welding roller frame convenient and reliable, and the combination convenient, the driving mode of each driving wheel is to use a motor and a reducer separately.

The key to the realization of this method is to solve the synchronous problem of each driving wheel in the combined welding roller frame. In the selection of the structure of the motor and the reducer, the characteristics should be the same as far as possible, and through the actual use. After the driving mode is determined, the driving mode is determined. Because the driving process of the combined welding roller carrier is essentially a deceleration process, and the total transmission ratio is relatively large, three-stage deceleration can be adopted.

What to do next is to determine the roller diameter, eccentricity coefficient and other parameters in the combined welding roller frame. When selecting the roller diameter, try not to be too small, or the cylinder weldment on the roller frame may not be placed stably. Therefore, in order to obtain reliable stability of the weldment on the roller frame and ensure the weldment can rotate smoothly, the center angle should be controlled between 45 degrees and 110 degrees.




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