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Advantages of welding roller frame in rail flat car


Advantages of welding roller frame in rail flat car

With the rapid development of the electric rail flat car industry, more and more customers rely on the rail flat car, which is not only reflected in the conventional KPX battery rail electric flat car, KPJ cable drum rail flat car, KPD low-voltage rail electric flat car and KPC series sliding contact line type electric rail flat car, but also reflected in the non power flat car and trolley.

However, if an enterprise wants to continue its success, it should not be limited to the existing products, but constantly explore and innovate. The working mode of the adjustable roller frame is that two motors and reducers of the driving frame are controlled by the same frequency converter to realize the stepless speed change and synchronous operation of the two motors, and the motor drives the driving wheel through the transmission system.

The welding workpiece is placed on the driving and driven wheels. When the driving wheel is running, the friction between the workpiece and the driving roller drives the workpiece to run. The linear speed of the required welding position on the workpiece is the welding speed. The friction between the rotating workpiece and the driven roller drives the driven roller to rotate.

The designers cleverly and reasonably use the characteristics of the roller frame to develop the electric rail flat car for special treatment of the surface of the rotating workpiece. The flat car has compact structure, beautiful appearance, accurate positioning, simple operation, low noise, easy maintenance, and realizes the seamless combination of the whole surface treatment process of water spray, hot air, shot blasting, painting, drying and cooling.




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