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Strict after-sales service management discipline, establish a good image of after-sales service, the company decided to release the "Ten Service ban", the specific content is as follows:
First, the prohibition of property to customers asking for room and board requirements;
2. It is forbidden to violate the working hours and relevant rules and regulations of the client units;
Third, the prohibition of customers have radical words and deeds;
(4) Prohibiting any words or actions that impair the image of the company (including the company's trade secrets);
5. Prohibition of drinking during working hours;
6, prohibit access to dance halls, bars, nightclubs and other venues and gathering gambling;
7, Prohibited to recommend or introduce other manufacturers and manufacturers of the same type of products;
8. It is forbidden to give away or supply parts at low cost to customers and promise any service or equipment modification of the equipment concerned.
9. It is forbidden to leave or leave the client unit without authorization during working hours.
Ten, after the prohibition of tin back home at home without promptly to the factory report and delay the transfer of a single car to reach the user unit time.

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