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Function and driving device of walking welding roller frame


Welding roller frame can be divided into walking type and fixed type. Compared with the fixed welding roller frame, walking welding roller frame has the advantages of convenient movement and free matching, especially in the production and installation of large-scale field equipment, which can not be ignored. It is suitable for the production of field wind tower and wind power equipment.

Because of this, walking welding roller frame is widely used in many areas in the west of China. With the continuous development of wind power industry, the need for welding auxiliary equipment such as roller frame is also increasing. It can be combined arbitrarily according to the weight and length of the weldment, which is convenient and flexible to use.

Only the center distance of the roller needs to be adjusted within the specified range automatically, the walking welding roller frame can be used for weldments with different diameters, and the weldments of the cylinder body can be placed stably; in addition, the combined roller and steel wheel of the walking welding roller frame are wrapped with rubber, with stable transmission, large friction and long service life; the small wheel pressure on the workpiece can avoid cold work hardening on the working surface.

The walking welding roller frame is driven by DC motor powered by thyristor, stepless speed regulation, large welding speed range, stable speed, strong applicability and wide use. A set of driving equipment is arranged on the driving roller frame, and the driving equipment is mainly composed of driving motor, reducer, coupling, coupling shaft, etc.

The driving motor of traveling welding roller carrier drives the worm gear reducer which is coaxial with the mandrel of two groups of roller equipment through the worm gear reducer; and then drives the roller to rotate through two groups of gear transmission equipment. When the workpiece rotates, it can distribute the friction force on both ends in a balanced way, play a stable and driving role, and play a powerful role in the processing quality of the workpiece. Guarantee.




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