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Welding rotator

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The roller frame can be divided into two types, self mode and adjustable mode. For welding, polishing, lining and assembly of a cylinder, the self adjustable roller can adjust itself according to the size of the cylinder; adjustable roller frame can be divided into stalls by adjusting screw rod adjusting screw or, by AC frequency conversion control, line speed for digital display, advanced and reliable. The factory can also be designed according to the user needs a variety of types of roller frame. 

According to the diameter size of the workpiece, the swing of the roller group is automatically adjusted, and no manual adjustment is required. Combined roller, carrying capacity, strong driving ability. According to the driving mode can be divided into two types of single drive, dual drive.

Main technical parameters

ZG series self adjustable roller frame

Welding rotator


KG series screw adjustable roller frame

Welding rotator


SKG screw rod adjustable roller frame

Welding rotator


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