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Longitudinal seam welding machine

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 Longitudinal seam automatic welding machine is mainly used for welding thin plate longitudinal joints with cantilever mechanism, mainly composed of a machine frame, a clamping mechanism, water-cooled shaft, gasket, shaft bracket, a walking trolley, a cross slide, a wire feeding mechanism, clamping gun device etc.. The clamping mechanism is through the compressed air so that the air bag keys on the pressure plate expansion, has the largest 25kg/cm in the keys end line pressure plate, pressure finger spacing is adjustable to accommodate different weld width; core shaft cylinder weld length is designed according to different diameters, in order to ensure a certain stiffness. The core shaft water cooling pad is close to the work piece, and the gasket is provided with a groove, and the grooves are uniformly distributed to protect the air hole to ensure that the back surface of the welding seam is formed and cooled. The vertical height of the core shaft can be adjusted to adapt to the welding of different plate thickness; the upper part of the frame beam is provided with a walking trolley, and the trolley is made in a straight line motion on the beam through a guide rail and a driving mechanism.

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Longitudinal seam welding machine



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